Lightning strikes are rare, but it is good to know what to do in case you are caught out in a storm and can’t find indoor shelter.  

Follow these steps to protect yourself:

  • Have each person at least 50 feet apart to minimize group injuries
  • Stand on a plastic sheet, sleeping pad, or such thing that will isolate you from the wet ground to minimize your conductivity
  • Squat down, sitting on the heels of your feet with the balls and toes of your feet touching the ground to lower your height
  • Keep your feet as close together as possible to minimize your footprint - strikes close to you will send out tendrils of electricity so the more ground contact you have, the greater your risk
  • Tuck your head down to your knees to minimize chance of a strike on the head and give lightning that does hit you a path down your back to ground - your chances of survival are greater
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