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The FlatRock 101K is undoubtedly one of the most difficult ultras you'll ever participate in. If you've known about the FlatRock 50K for the last 20+ years, thinking it sounds like a fun little race, but, the distance wasn't enough for you, we challenge you to take on the 101K. This event is has grown in popularity as word has gotten out about the beautiful terrain that is anything but "flat". You get 24 hours to complete this race! Yes, you heard us right - 24 hours. And why so much time for a 101K? Well, as we stated previously, this is a really tough course...and, for many of you, your second out-and-back will be in the dark, adding another element to the difficulty factor. If you're up for an epic challenge on a "graduate level" course in the heart of the Midwest, then we challenge you to challenge yourself and sign up for this incredible event.
Note: Price increase after February 28th


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