The Sunflower Sod Stompers Walking Club is a non-profit organization that is a member of the American Volkssport Association (AVA) dba America's Walking Club. We are located in Topeka, KS and host walks all over the state of Kansas and some in Missouri. Our events are two types--traditional walks which include a start point at the walk location operated by members of the club. These walks are usually 5k or 10k in distance and highlight the history and unique sites in a community. Walkers are provided a map of the trail, written directions and restrooms and water. The Year-Round-Events (YRE) are available year round or seasonally to walkers in a location (hotel or business) where the walker can sign in for the event, pick up the map/directions, walk the event, stamp their IVV Record Books if needed, and mail their fee to the club in an envelope provided in the Walk Box. All events are usually $3 which off-sets the cost of printing, sanctioning the event with the AVA, etc. Walkers are asked to pay the fee and complete a start card as all numbers of participants must be reported by the club to the AVA. The AVA promotes fun, friendship and fitness. We are excited about all of walks and love having new walkers join us. Individuals can also join the Sunflower Sod Stompers club by contacting Terri Tyler at tltyler50@gmail.com. Membership dues are $6 annually. Club members like to travel to other club events around the United States. There are 300+ active clubs in the U S A. Check out the AVA website at www.ava.org for more information. We also love to eat so we add "food" to the fun, fitness, and friendship. We hope to see you on the trail soon. Contact Trudy Duffman at 618-670-6920 or trudyduffman@yahoo.com.

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