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Our next guided hike will take place on December 13th. Meet at the Park Office at 1 p.m. We’ll take a 2 hour hike. This month we’ll be heading South/West on the trails from near the Marina parking area on the Blue Trail. We will pass Lake Henry during this hike, and will hopefully get the chance to see some of the wildlife who usually spends their time in that area of the park. You are welcome to bring leashed pets and children 5 and up. More information and updates can be found on the face book event page "Second Sunday Hikes".

At the state park we host monthly hikes, but did you know that you can schedule your own private hike as well? We have led hikes for scout troops, school groups, and anything in between. You can even get some friends together and set something up just for kicks. So here's your chance to help some scouts get a badge, show your out-of-town relative the sights, or help get a groups of kids outside where they can learn a thing or two! Questions? Our AmeriCorps member, Trudy, leads most of the hikes in the park and would be happy to work with you! Contact her at trudyrubick@yahoo.com

What to Bring: Details: Warm clothing, good boots, water, trail moderate in difficulty, 2 miles in length Restrictions: 5 yrs old or older, pets leashed


798 N 1415 Road, Lawrence, KS
Location Details: Meet at the Park Office at 1 p.m. Directions: 10 Hwy – take from KC (traveling West), through Lawrence (10 Hwy turns into 23rd Street & then Clinton Parkway – All the same road.) go as far as it will go (to the Dead- End - E900 Road) turn right, then take the second left (before Boat Storage Lot, 1415 Road) this is our entrance to the State Park.


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