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Orienteering is a navigation race. This is not the compass and pace exercise you did in Scouts! Instead, you are given a detailed topo map with pre-marked checkpoints. You chose the best route between checkpoints: there is no pre-determined route. Can you think and read the map on the run? Participants start at staggered time and the fastest elapsed time wins. You can also enjoy this as a casual hike, perfect for first-timers or families. This is a great way to get the kids outdoors and using a paper map (gasp!) instead of staring at a screen. Introductory lessons available for free for all. First-timer entrance fee is free; otherwise $10 per entry. We offer various courses, with varying difficulties and distances.

What to Bring: Wear clothing that can get wet or dirty (trails are often muddy). A change of shoes and socks is recommended for after the event.


1104 E 900th Rd, Lawrence, KS
Location Details: Rockcrusher Road (Corps of Engineers property) on the south side of Clinton Lake. This is an unimproved area (park on side of road). There are no restrooms or shelters available. Last minute changes due to weather will be announced on facebook.com/orienteerkansas


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