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The Great Kaw Adventure Race is an orienteering based, cognitive, and physical challenge event. Challenges could be trivia about Eudora's German and Indian heritage, complex equations, gunny sack races, or a simple puzzle. Participants will be required to navigate to waypoints and challenges to retrieve important artifacts. To acquire these artifacts, an action will have to be performed. Participants will be limited to right of way and public properties unless otherwise stated. If we catch you running through lawns (and our residents will) you will be penalized.

Each two person team will be issued a map with the waypoints marked. It is up to the team to decide what is the best way to complete the course. No cue sheets will be issued. No markings will be placed in town. The course will be open to traffic and citizens. Participants will be required to be within two seconds of each other regardless of transit. If you're running you should be able to touch, you will both be in the same boat, and if your cycling you should be able to draft. This is a team event so choose your exit buddy well. All finishers will receive an award for finishing (more to come soon!)

For 2017 the GKAR will have two classes.

The 30 miler will require participants to run, paddle 11.4 miles, and cycle gravel roads back to the finish line. Depending on strategy, participants could travel between 24 to 30 miles. This class will require a running, river travel, and cycling unless conditions prevent are unsafe. All finishers will receive an award, with top prizes going to first, second, and third place teams.

The 5 miler will require participants to run or walk through and around Eudora to find waypoints. Depending on strategy, participants could travel between 4 to 8 miles. All finishers will receive an award. This course will focus heavily on orienteering and exploring the community.

What to Bring: REQUIRED Bicycle Helmet Red flashing light for rear of bike Photo ID Phone with camera Compass for navigation A way to carry 32 ounces of water A way to carry artifacts back to the finish for scoring. (remember frisbees are unwieldy) RECOMMENDED Whistle (worn around neck) Energy bars/food Bug spray/sunscreen Tire pump Repair Tool/flat kit Spare tube Waterproof map case Waterproof writing utensil Small dry bag First Aid Kit Pricing and Signup Entrants will sign up individually. Whoever signs up first gets to set the team name, the second team mate will join the first person's team (there is a list and search tool). Prizes may be awarded for best name as chosen by the event committee. 30 miler teams will pay $75 per participant for a total cost of $150. 5 miler teams will pay $15-20 per participant, $30-40 total cost. Logistics for the race BEFORE THE RACE Complete application and make payment. This is a USARA sanctioned event and your registration fee includes the cost of single event membership to the USARA. Make sure you have all of the required gear with you. DAY OF THE RACE Check-in will begin at 7:30 a.m. at CPA Park in Eudora. Parking is available in the lot north of the public safety building at 10th and Main. You must check-in and sign USARA waiver prior to participating in the race. Bike drop off will begin at 7:00 a.m. at the Riverfront Park in De Soto, KS. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR GETTING YOUR BIKE TO THE DE SOTO RIVERFRONT PARK. A good portion of the biking part of the race is on gravel this year. PRE-RACE BRIEFING WILL BE AT 8:45 A.M. IN CPA PARK. The 30 Miler begins at 9:00 a.m. in Eudora. The 5 Miler begins at 10:00 a.m. in Eudora. The race will also end in Eudora at 3 PM for all classes. You will be sharing the road during the bike and running portion of the events. Use appropriate caution. This is a Leave No Trace event. You bring it, you leave with it. There will be a post-race celebration at the finish area in Eudora (CPA Park) that will include food from various local vendors, beverages (adult and otherwise) and live music. Please plan on staying for the fun after the race – and invite friends, the post-race celebration is open to the public! EVENT RULES Be a good sport or we’ll disqualify your team. Wear your race number at all times. No modifications may be done to boats. Wear your lifejacket (provided) while paddling and your helmet while biking. You are responsible for getting your passport punched or item collected at the completion of each checkpoint. SCORING Maximum time on course is 8 hours. Your time will be based on when BOTH team members place their passport on the finishing table plus train adjustment if applicable. The team that as completes all waypoints with the best time will be the winner. The team that completes all waypoints and and finishes 2nd will be runner-up. After all teams that completed all waypoints have been placed according to time then the teams that completed all but one waypoints will be placed according to time, then teams that completed all but 2 waypoints, and so on. Results will be provided to USARA for national ranking purposes. You will lose a checkpoint for each 30 minutes you are on the course after 6 hours.


9th and Main, Eudora, KS
Location Details: Start is 9th and Main, Eudora, KS


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