Event Description:

The Flint Hills Trail 40 Mile Ultra and Marathon are some of the easiest terrain you'll participate on. The Flint Hills Trail is a beautiful out-and-back "rails-to-trails" course that runs outbound southeasterly from Ottawa, Kansas to the quaint little towns of Rantoul for the Marathon and the western edge of Osawatomie for the 40 Miler. The trail will be in "full bloom" come late May and the trees will be providing a spectacular shaded canopy over many portions of this very scenic trail in eastern Kansas.

7 manned aid stations in the 40 Mile, 5 manned aid stations in the Marathon. All fully-stocked with ice, water, electrolyte drink, soda-pop & sweet 'n salty snack-type foods, including sandwiches. Approximate distance between aid stations is 5 miles, with the exception of a 7 mile stretch for the 40 Milers between Rantoul and Osawatomie where an unmanned water stop will be utilized to make this close to 5 miles between water access, as well. Since it's flat and fast, it's a great event for first timers as well as experienced runners wanting to set a PR.

Marathon $110 / 40 Mile $135
Price increases after March 30


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